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Birth Injury

The Law Office of Douglas Fladseth has significant experience advocating for families, mothers, and babies who have suffered from negligence or inferior care during labor or childbirth. We can accurately distinguish between the routine complications of delivery and critical lapses in medical judgment or practice. Damages caused by medical providers who do not conform to standard medical practice provide the basis for a Personal Injury claim, whereby you can receive compensation for your injuries.

The families involved in maternity and childbirth claims often suffer mental as well as physical distress. So it is important that you receive the compassionate, professional representation that we can provide in these unfortunate situations. Our personalized service keeps you constantly informed and works closely with you to secure your just reward.

Compassionate Representation

Birth Injury is a highly specialized aspect of medical malpractice. Local attorney Doug Fladseth draws upon a support team of other accomplished medical specialists to aggressively argue on behalf of the injured mother and child. The medical establishment can at times appear monolithic and unsympathetic, but our Medical Malpractice Group can bring you the comfort and reassurance that a qualified, competent team of professional advocates will successfully prevail on your behalf. If you or your child have been harmed by medical negligence or inferior care, our Medical Malpractice Law Firm can secure the just compensation that you deserve.

The Law Office of Douglas Fladseth understands the ordeal and suffering brought on by medical malpractice.  We are knowledgeable about a wide variety of common birth injuries and delivery complications, and we are passionate about pursuing justice for injury victims.  We provide the assertive representation you expect from an advocate, as well as the compassion and support you need during recovery.

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