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Elder Abuse

Our senior citizens are frequently our most defenseless. Unfortunately, many elders fall prey to those whom they trust the most – family, caregivers, or financial advisers. And sadly, when assigned to the care of a skilled care facility or nursing home, many become the victims of fraud, neglect, abuse, or even wrongful death. State statutes protect our dependent and elder citizens with remedies for those who have been mistreated.

The Medical Malpractice Group believes that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity, especially those among us who cannot defend themselves. Our firm provides assertive elder law representation for elders who may suffer abuse or neglect from nursing homes, families, and others who would take advantage of this vulnerable segment of our population. We are active in the struggle to safeguard seniors and dependent adults from exploitation and mistreatment.

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An Advocate for Seniors

Protection for elders is a specialized segment of the law which entails unique familiarity with the regrettably common incidence of injury and neglect among our seniors and dependents.  Sadly this abuse and mistreatment occurs all too often in society.  Douglas Fladseth is a Sonoma County elder abuse attorney who concentrates on effective methods to acquire sufficient evidence needed to achieve the high burden of proof for the prosecution of elder abuse cases.  Many of these unfortunate situations occur in nursing homes and “skilled care facilities.”

The Law Office of Douglas Fladseth has successfully prosecuted numerous cases of elder and dependent abuse for three decades.  We are a recognized Santa Rosa elder abuse law firm in Sonoma County.  We will provide a free initial consultation to discuss your situation.We can then lead you to the next step of pursuing a legal case or guiding you to the appropriate authorities to remedy your situation.

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