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Hospital Negligence

In many medical malpractice cases, the mistakes of hospital staff can frequently be traced to the hospital itself. Like any other business, hospitals and care facilities endeavor to be profitable. The struggle to make a profit can lead to inadequate staffing and cost-cutting decisions which put patients at undue risk.  

There are cases where it is totally appropriate to sue the hospital or care facility where the malpractice occurred. The grounds for such an action may include negligence on the part of the hospital itself or by one of its employees.  Some examples of “hospital negligence” include:

  • Under-staffing
  • Sub-standard staff training
  • Improper record-keeping
  • Incorrect administration of medication and other orders
  • Incorrect management of wounds and infections

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Experienced with Hospitals

These large health care conglomerates will fight vigorously to defend against a malpractice suit. Their insurance providers have deep pockets and highly trained attorneys. So it is very important to have a proficient lawyer on your side who has had extensive experience in Hospital Negligence cases. At the Medical Malpractice Group, attorney Doug Fladseth has three decades of experience in hospital litigation. 

Early in his career, he defended large hospitals and learned the intricate details of malpractice defense. Over the past 25 years, he has specialized in representing hundreds of individuals who were injured by negligence, incompetence, or oversight. Hospitals are responsible for the negligence of their employees. Our law firm retains medical expert to investigate of your case.

A successful malpractice lawsuit helps ensure that you receive the resolution that you deserve. It also encourages the hospital to take measures to improve their procedures to prevent the same errors from recurring. Contact the Medical Malpractice Group to discuss your case and receive an honest, professional evaluation of your right to compensation.

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